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ARCHON Industries manufactures a large selection of liquid level gauges including armored style flat glass reflex & transparent gauges, large chamber level gauges, tubular glass level gauges, magnetic level gauges, gauge valves/cocks, and custom units. Let ARCHON Industries help you choose a suitable liquid level gauge for your application. Explore our wide selection of  level gauges below. Shop online or contact us.

What are level gauges?

Level gauges are measuring instruments that are used to detect the level of a process fluid or gas in a tank, vessel, or storage container. Level gauges are widely used in industrial process applications and are put into service to measure the fluid levels in drums, tanks, pressure vessels, or other similar applications. Process conditions such as operating temperature, pressure, process media, and center-center lengths will help determine the suitable type of level gauge required.

What are the different types of level gauges?

There are various types of level indicators, including tubular glass gauges, flat glass reflex or transparent gauges, and magnetic level gauges.

  • Transparent level gauges are equipped with two flat plain glass sections; one on either side of the liquid chamber. This allows light to pass through the gauge permitting clear observation of liquid level, color, and clarity. Plastic or MICA shields can be furnished when handling caustic substances, acids, or media corrosive to glass.
  • Reflex level gauges are equipped with flat reflex glass comprised of reflecting prisms which cause the liquid inside to appear black in color. The space above appears silvery in direct contrast assuring a distinct reading of the liquid level.
  • A magnetic level gauge measures fluid levels by utilizing a float inside the gauge chamber that rises and falls with the fluid level, based on the specific gravity of the fluid. The movement of the float inside the chamber adjusts a series of bi-color magnetic flags outside the gauge chamber that provide a visual indication of the liquid level. Magnetic level indicators can be used in a wide variety of applications and are considered an alternative to glass gauges.