Heavy Duty Spray Nozzles

Model RT
Available in Bronze or Stainless Steel

Sight Flow Indicators

Available with Rotator, Flapper and Drip Tube

Sanitary Sight Glasses

For pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and chemical equipment.


Brewery Equipment




Level Guage




Proces Lighting


Sight Flow Indicator


Sight Glass


Spray Balls




Proces Lighting


“I have been working with the ARCHON Industries team for over 20 years.  They’re my go-to source for quality process components including manways, sight glasses, process lighting and DIN fittings. Their customer service, along with their expert technical knowledge, helps us to offer our customers a more complete product.  I know I can count on ARCHON Industries.”

— ICC Northwest

“Archon Industries supplies top quality products at competitive prices and deliveries. I am very pleased with our purchases of their products.”


— Process Components & Instrumentation Manufacturer

“We have been dealing with Archon Industries since many years  for our process equipment needs. We (Tolan Machinery) have experienced Professional customer service along with very quick quote turn around times specially from their inside sales person Yarek. Archon is becoming one stop shop for our manways, fittings, sight glasses and spraying device needs. We hope to do more business with them in future and will highly recommend Archon for process equipment/fitting needs.”


— Tolan Machinery

“I’ve always appreciated the quick /accurate responses to my RFQs from Archon Industries.  As well as the competitive pricing . I generally work with Yarek , a definite asset to your Sales force.  Thanks again for your past and future service, especially in the difficult times we are facing.”


— Chicago Boiler Company

“We have been working with ARCHON since 2012. The staff and customer service has always been prompt and professional and has always treated us as high level customer. Issues are few and far between but we know ARCHON stands behind their products/services and will take care of us. Thank you for the years of service thus far and we look forward to the continued relationship!”

— Quality Tank Solutions
“Archon has been a supplier for us for 20 plus years. The quality of their products is excellent. Their salespeople are knowledgeable, easy to work with, and respond promptly. I like the fact that I can pick up the phone and call them without going through an automated system. Basically, as the result of performing, they have earned our trust and business.”
— Abernathy-Thomas Engineering Company 

“The bourbon industry is definitely full of intricacies – from the ingredients to the chemistry, to the final stages of the aging process when it is ready to hit the consumers palate. But it all begins with the equipment that turns simple ingredients into the neat, intoxicating drinks we love. Working with Archon Industries has been nothing short of unwavering in accommodation. Our role at Vendome Copper & Brass Works is one of generating distilling equipment for the spirits’ industry. Without the knowledge, quick customer service & turnaround of the multitude of parts required from Archon, we wouldn’t be able to deliver quality stills to most of the major distilleries all over the world. So I want to truly give a huge thanks to Archon for their impeccable support in quality products for decades now.”


— Vendome Copper & Brass Works

“We have been a customer of Archon for as long as I can remember.   The assortment of valves, fittings, gaskets and hoses they have in stock has really streamlined the ordering process for a number of projects, and allowed us to quickly adapt to the ever changing production environment without lengthy lead times.   Mario and his team are top notch and their knowledge of the parts they sell is top notch.”

— Captain Lawrence Brewing Co

“Archon Industries has been a trusted partner for many years! They are reliable and affordable which helps us be more dependable to our customers. We are confident that if we call on Archon, we will receive on time and quality parts. We look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.”

— Kusters Fabrication

“Charles Ross and Son company has had a 30 years+ relationship as a customer for Archon for the supply of vessel equipment. We have asked Archon to supply many special hinged closures and sight glass assemblies in many different materials and elastomer seals and Archon has come through with good deliveries and very competitive pricing. Also another aspect of why we like to use Archon as a vendor is response time for new quotes. Yarek has been very responsive to our requests for quotes and this has helped us to get quotes to our customers in a timely fashion. If there is something very special in a vessel component, I know I can bring it to Archon for a cost competitive solution.”

— Charles Ross & Son Company