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Sight Flow Indicator

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Sight Flow Indicator

Sight flow indicators play a critical role in measuring fluids in many applications across a wide variety of industries today.  If a liquid or gas needs to be measured or monitored, there is likely a sight flow indicator installed to ensure accurate results.  Let ARCHON Industries help you choose a suitable sight flow indicator for your application.

What is a sight flow indicator?

Sight flow indicators allow users to view process media flowing through a pipeline to verify liquid flow and flow direction.  It also allows users to observe color, clarity, and other characteristics of the process media.

What are the different types of sight flow indicators?

There are two main types of sight flow indicators commonly used in the process industry.  The first type uses circular flat glass on opposing sides of the sight flow indicator body.  This type of sight flow indicator also allows for optional components to be installed inside the unit such as flappers, rotating paddles wheels, and drip tubes to enhance the observation of the fluid.  These components move with the flow of the liquid.

The second type of sight flow indicator uses a cylindrical glass tube which offers the user a 360° view, and is usually used for low pressure systems with moderate flow rates.  Both types of sight flow indicators can be offered with ANSI flanges or threaded NPT connections.  Sanitary tri-clamp connections are also available for cylindrical glass sight flow indicators used for sanitary applications.

What are some common applications for sight flow indicators?

Chemical or pharmaceutical companies, for example, might use sight flow indicators to monitor chemicals used in production.

Sight flow indicators may also be used in several municipal wastewater and environmental applications.
Other industries that may use sight flow indicators:

  • Medical
  • HVAC
  • Marine
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Industrial
  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural
  • Environmental
  • Food and beverage