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Spray Balls

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Spray Balls

ARCHON Spray balls are available in 360 degree, 270 degree, 180 degree upward and 180 degree downward spray patterns.  Standard material is 316 stainless steel, and available in slip-on, butt-weld, and threaded connection options. Other material options are available upon request, Hastelloy® C-22®, PTFE, etc.  Special configurations can be manufactured by request.

What are spray balls?

Spray balls are used to clean the inside of tanks and vessels by spraying the interior surfaces of the vessel with hot water and/or cleaning solutions at various rates in industries such as pharmaceutical, food, beer & wine, and dairy.

What are the differences between Static and Rotating spray balls?

Static spray balls typically rely on a high-volume, low-pressure cascading cleaning action wherein much of the mechanical energy comes from the sprayed-on solution running down the sides and surfaces of the tank being cleaned.

Rotating spray balls have low-volume, high-pressure spray with the spray nozzle spinning around to direct a jet of spray to all interior surfaces of the tank. Dynamic spray balls have more mechanical energy applied over a smaller surface area during cleaning. 

What factors are important when choosing a spray ball?
  • Spray Hole Pattern
  • Ball Diameter
  • Connection Type
  • Flow in GPM
  • Tank Diameter
  • Material of Construction