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Model 945

Screwed Renewable Seat-Safety Ball Checks Pyrex Tubular Glass-Guard Rods

These Tubular Gauge Assemblies consist of a pair of ARCHON Forged Steel Gauge Cocks, complete with four (4) Guard Rods, Guard Rod Holders and Pyrex Tubular Glass. The Gauge Cocks have Union Bonnets, Stainless Steel Trim, Screwed Renewable Seat, Stainless Steel Ball Checks to automatically shut off the flow of the process fluid in case of glass failure. The Stainless Steel Stem is fitted with an extension tip to unseat the ball check when the valve is in the closed position. Gauge Cocks have tapered Union Connections to Vessel for easier assembly and installation. The Tubular Glass Connections are Stuffing Box Type with a packing gland to prevent torsional stress on the tubular glass when packing nuts are tightened. Gauge Cocks are furnished with Handwheel Operation. The Drain and Vent Connections are Female N.P.T. and plugged.


Do not attempt to clean the inside of Tubular Gauge Glasses mechanically by running a rod, brush or cloth through the glass or by any means which could scratch the surface. Scratches on the glass surfaces (particularly the inside) weaken the glass and can lead to damage.

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Model 945 Data Sheet

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Model 945 Installation Manual