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ARCHON Industries is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of Zimmerlin Manways. Zimmerlin GMBH is one of the largest German producers of pressure manways (access ports) for the pharmaceutical sector as well as full line of products to suit the chemical, food, wine, brewery, and dairy industries. Whether you require standard or custom-made items, Zimmerlin manufactures to the highest standards.

Which certifications are available for Zimmerlin Manways?

All Zimmerlin manways are supplied with MTR certificates. ASME certifications are also available for pressure applications.

Can Zimmerlin manways be supplied with fittings welded to them?

Zimmerlin manway covers can be fitted with various types of weld nozzles such as aseptic ferrules, tri-clamp ferrules, and standard ANSI type flanges. Weld-in style sight glasses such as our “KB” series, tri-clamp sight glasses like our “SSTC” model, and DIN SS type “Screw-on” sight glasses can also be fitted to Zimmerlin manway covers.

What is the standard finish on Zimmerlin manways and can customers specify a special finish?

Standard finishes vary for each type of Zimmerlin manway. For example, pressureless manways up to 24” diameter have a brushed finish with a 2B / pickled finish on the neck of the manway. Pressure manways have a standard surface finish of 2B / pickled on the ID & OD of the manway. Other surface finishes are available upon request.

Can Zimmerlin manways be supplied with an assist mechanism for easy lifting of cover?

A spring assist device facilitates opening and closing of the manway cover by reducing lifting force, helping to prevent personal and cover damage while ensuring smooth functionality.