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Butterfly Valves

ARCHON offers many types of valves for the brewing industry.

The most common are manual butterfly valves used to open and close fluid lines carrying beer, wine, juices, water, etc.  These valves can start, stop, regulate, and isolate fluid flow in pipelines and prevent backflow.  When the valve’s handle is rotated, internally a stem rotates the disc, or wafer, from the closed to open position.

We carry known brands such as Kieselmann and Tassalini butterfly valves as well as an economical style for budget-conscious customers.

Butterfly Valve Seals

Butterfly Valve Seals

ARCHON offers replacement EPDM seals for our butterfly valves including models WNT, Kieselmann and Tassalini.

Are your butterfly valves available in 304SS and 316SS?

Yes, we offer both 304 and 316SS bodies.

What material are the seals available in?

Standard material is EPDM, but Silicone and Viton® are also available.

Do you offer trigger handles?

Yes, trigger handles are the most common, but pull-out and gear handles are also available.

What is your standard connection?

Tri-clamp connections are standard, but DIN and SMS are also available.

Are actuators available with your butterfly valves?

Yes, valve actuators are available.