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Spray Nozzles

ARCHON Industries RT series spray nozzles are heavy duty, impact resistant, and available with stainless steel or bronze bodies.  The RT12 and RTB16 spray nozzles provide a variable liquid spray from a 50° hollow cone to a jet stream spray pattern by trigger control.  The light trigger provides sensitive spray pattern control while the heat resistant rubber body cover remains comfortable at high liquid temperatures.  Let ARCHON Industries help keep your facility clean and sanitary.

Are spare parts available?

Yes, ARCHON stocks replacement covers and repair kits for the RT12 and RTB16 series spray nozzles.

What are the flow rates for the RT series nozzles?

The RTB16 mini spray nozzle has a flow rate of 2-5 gpm. The RT12 standard size spray nozzle has a flow rate up to 10 gpm.

What material is the cover made of?

Both the RTB16 and RT12 series covers are nitrile rubber.  The RT12 white nitrile cover is made from FDA compliant nitrile material.