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Process Lighting

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Hazardous Light Fittings from Stainless Steel

Edellux Light Fittings (Ex) Completely In Stainless Steel; Series Edelex / Edelex Led / Powerled

This series of innovative all-stainless designed light fittings for use in hazardous areas provides a full range of powerful units to suit all vessel lighting situations where corrosion resistance, appearance or cleanliness is an important consideration, e.g. on stainless steel pharma equipment, on apparatuses for cosmetic and food processing industries, in clean rooms etc.


On sightglasses and sightflow indicators from DN 25 upwards, on sight-tubes and rectangular or D-ended sightglasses.



Electrical Data

All above indications depending on series and type

Enclosure Protection Degree

IP 65 / 67, dust tight and protected against the effects of temporary immersion



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Data Sheet

Edellux Light Fittings Data Sheet