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Fibre-Optic Lightpipe Light Fittings

Fibre-Optic Lightpipe Light Fittings for Sightglasses for Use in Hazardous Areas, Series Fibrolux

The fibre-optic lightpipe light fittings of the series fibroLUX represent, due to their conception, design and the use of components of highest quality level, an innovative, technically advanced top product for the brilliant, extremely powerful and continuous illumination of process equipment, typically in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They are also available in a version completely from stainless steel.


In hazardous areas, mainly in situations where there is insufficient room to fit a “classic” type of sightglass light fitting, where there is only one very small sightglass available for both illumination and observation or in situations where it is desirable to highlight a specific area of a reaction or of the reaction vessel (e.g. for maintenance purposes).

The stainless steel version is specially recommended for use in sterile environments.


Light source:




Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy or stainless steel for the light source housing and fixations, lightpipe protected by a galvanised steel flexible tube, enclosed in a chemical and temperature resistant silicion rubber tube. Lightpipe ends terminated with stainless steel ferrules.

Electrical Data

Enclosure Protection Degree

IP67, dust tight and protected against the effects of temporary immersion


Electrical Data

Aluminium version:

Stainless steel versions:

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