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The Model HCMX-BR-TC is a thermostatically controlled mixing valve assembly that delivers constant temperature water. It automatically compensates for fluctuations in either incoming hot and cold water temperature and/or pressure.

A liquid filled thermostat and a stainless steel control valve guard against unexpected hot or cold water spikes and proportion the water flow to maintain a constant outlet temperature +/- 3°F over the range of 80 to 160°F for up to 10 gallons per minute at a differential pressure of 40 psi, with a maximum hot water supply of 180°F.

Mixed water temperature is adjusted by turning a set-screw and is indicated on a dial thermometer. The housing is bronze and wetted parts are bronze, stainless steel, PTFE and buna rubber.

The assembly includes an inlet shut-off valve and a check valve with ¾" NPT union connection on both the hot and cold water legs.

The HCMX-BR-TC is available with the following optional components:



Automatically responds to temperature and pressure variations in hot and cold water lines.

The stainless steel piston and liner precisely proportion water flow to maintain a constant outlet temperature and to guard againts unexpected hot or cold water spikes.