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Model WD2010

ARCHON Washdown Stations are simple and easy to use and engineered for maximum SAFETY.

Steam and cold water are carefully and thoroughly mixed to provide "instant" hot water on demand. Using the proportional flow water and steam control valves, the operator can adjust the washdown station to deliver the desired hot water temperature as indicated on the dial thermometer located in the mixed water discharge. By depressing the ergonomically designed fail-safe trigger of the hand-held spray nozzle or the optional spray lance, the operator can direct a steady flow of hot water from a fine spray to a solid jet.

ARCHON Washdown Stations are widely used in dairy, pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical and industrial plants. Wherever efficient, economical and low-maintenance means of hot-water clean-up is needed, ARCHON Washdown Stations are used.

ARCHON Washdown Stations have been engineered for maximum reliability and operator safety.

Safety First!

When handling live steam, SAFETY COMES FIRST! To reduce the potential for steam discharge, all ARCHON Steam/Water Washdown Stations employ a unique valve and diaphragm technology. Steam is automatically blocked from discharging from the mixing station using a specially engineered diaphragm device. The diaphragm uses the steam supply pressure to positively close the steam inlet valve to the mixing chamber. The mixing station does not rely on potentially unreliable components such as temperature sensors or electrical devices to keep the steam valve closed. The diaphragm device will permit the steam inlet valve to open only after sufficient cold water flow is established by squeezing the spray nozzle or lance. If at any time the cold water is restricted, the steam is automatically shut off. NO WATER-NO STEAM!

Minimal Maintenance Required!

Carbonate build-up at the steam inlet valve, a problem plaguing competitive units, is minimized. A check valve is optimally positioned within the mixing station between the steam inlet valve and the cold water chamber housing the specially designed steam-water venturi mixer. The steam valve seat is isolated from the cold water supply, preventing deposit of carbonates at the steam valve thus reducing the potential for steam inlet valve seizure. No special tool kits are required for the ARCHON Washdown Station to operate at maximum efficiency and safety.

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