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ARCHON Industries is proud to be the exclusive North America distributor of Boyer Manways. Boyer has been specializing in the manufacturing of manways and hatches for nearly 100 years and is one of the most trusted French producers of pressure manways for the pharmaceutical sector as well a full line of products to suit the chemical, food, wine, brewery, and dairy industries.

What type of Boyer manways does ARCHON offer?

Round, rectangular, and oval manways and access covers, outside and autoclave opening, in 304 or 316 stainless steel, with or without pressure.

Which certifications are available for Boyer manways?

Boyer manways comply with CODAP, ASME, and AD-Merkblatt HP O certifications.

What industries commonly use Boyer products?

Thanks to a mastery of vacuum and pressure techniques, Boyer technicians have manufacturing and quality control tools to create a wide range of hatches and doors for evolving markets such as food & beverage, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, and beer/wine industries .