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Barby + Kühner

Archon Industries stocks a wide range of Barby + Kuhner products for the brewery and winery industries including bunging pressure regulators (also called “bunging valves”), bottle pressure testers, saccharimeters, safety valves, and tapping devices. Bunging pressure regulators are available with1.5” tri-clamp connections and cover a wide range of pressures, ensuring constant bung pressure throughout the fermentation process.

What is bunging?

In the brewery industry, bunging is a process often used by brewers to naturally carbonate their beer. A device called a bunging/spunding valve is attached to tanks late in fermentation, when most of the sugars in the wort have been processed by the yeast.

How does a bunging valve work?

A bunging valve works like a pressure release valve. It comprises an airlock-like valve, which can be adjusted to dial in the exact pressure that it will hold and has an integrated gauge that shows the tank’s pressure.

Are spare parts available for B-K products?

Archon Industries stocks various replacement parts for Barby + Kuhner products such as valve bodies, repair kits, and hardware.