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Level Gauge

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Internal Tube Model IHT & External Tube Model H

ARCHON Heated Gauges and Gauge Cocks are designed to meet certain conditions where heating is necessary to keep liquids flowing more freely to provide more accurate reading of the liquid level.They are available in two configurations, internal and external tube. The internal type has a tube running through the liquid chamber and heats the liquid by direct contact. The External type has a tube attached to the outside of the chamber through which the heating medium can travel. For Reflex models the heating tube is attached to the back of the liquid chamber. For Thru-Vision models the tubes are attached to either one or both sides of the liquid chamber. The Heated Gauge Cocks have a jacket union nut for circulating the heating or cooling medium. The jacket has four 1/4" tapped holes for required heating or cooling connections.

Custom designs are always available.
Contact ARCHON for specific application needs.

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