Brewery Equipment
- Perigon 360° spray
- Semi-angle 180° Upwards
- Semi-angle 180° Downwards
- Angle 270° Upwards

- Special Construction

Perigon 360 spray up
Our 360° spraying balls are ideal for heavily soiled areas in tanks. This design provides for an even distribution of your cleaning fluid throughout the inside surface of the tank.

Semi-angle 180 Upwards spray up
If the top of your tank needs cleaning, our 180° spraying ball is ideal. The lower half of the tank will be cleaned from the fluid running down the sides.

Semi-angle 180 Downwards spray up
You can combine an upward and a downward spray ball to solve unique cleaning situations. If your tank has internal instrumentation or other items that interfere with cleaning the use of a downward spraying ball will ensure total surface cleaning.

Spraying angle 270 Upwards up
Our 270° spraying ball covers more surface area and allows for direct cleaning of the more heavily soiled areas of the tank. The bottom center of the tank may have outlet valves or other fixtures that do not require direct exposure to the cleaning fluid.

Special construction up
ARCHON is always willing to work with customers in developing unique cleaning solutions for their particular process. Special constructions and designs have always been and will remain part of our total cleaning solutions for our customers.

Select the appropriate Spray Ball for your application by taking into consideration
        • The distance to the tank walls
        • Depth of the installation
        • Tank dimensions
        • Type of detergent used
        • Pump specifications
        • Tank use
The Spray balls come standard with Pin connections or as an option with threaded or weld end connections.
Threaded connections are available in inch sizes
How to use our Spray Balls


Choice of the appropriate type of spray ball depends on the following particulars:
Distance of the device from the walls of the tank, installation depth, tank dimensions, type of detergent, pump specifications and tank use.
Our spray balls are in use in numerous operational areas, such as the food manufacturing and beverage industries, milk-processing and breweries, the chemical industry, etc. Modern technology is striving for high standards that can only be jointly achieved by the mechanical engineering industry and ancillary suppliers together. Close cooperation with manufacturing plants allows us to make you an offer corresponding to the state of the art. Our aim is to constantly increase efficiency and rationalization with respect to quality and costs
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