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Sight Glass Model: KB-RFNL

The ARCHON model KB-RFNL provides a quick, efficient and economical way of adapting an existing studding outlet flange into a sightglass. This model utilizes the existing flange as your tank flange and ARCHON provides a full face gasket, lens, upper gasket and upper flange to bolt to your existing flange.

ARCHON can match your existing flange detail. We stock 150# standard raised face flanges but we also provide 300#, 600# and European DIN style flanges if required.

Sight Glass KBRFNL
Available options include:
  Standard sightglass lens material is Tempered Borosilicate and Tempered Soda Lime. If your operating temperature requirement is above 550 o F, we offer Vycor or Quartz glass.

Available pipe sizes range from 1" to 8" standard and other sizes are available upon request.


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