Brewery Equipment


- Circular Sight Glasses
- Obround Sight Glasses
- Quick Opening Sight Glasses
Circular Sight Glasses: 8 models up
Sight Glasses Weld Pad


Weld pad type Sight Glasses.
Threaded KB-FT
Sight Glasses consisting of an ANSI threaded flange for mounting.
Bolt-on KB-RF
Sight Glasses for mounting to existing ANSI flange or pad.
Flanged KB-RFNL
Sight Glasses utilizing an existing ANSI flange for mounting.
Sight Glass Weld Neck KB-WN
Weld Neck type Sight Glasses.
Sanitary Sight Glasses using DIN fittings.
sanitary SSTC
Sanitary Sight Glasses using Clamp design.
Lighting unit HL-SS-TC
Sight Glasses with lighting unit for viewing.
Obround and Rectangular Sight Glasses: 2 models up
Weld pad rectangular RLG
Weld Pad type rectangular Sight Glasses.
Obround RLG-OB
Obround, racetrack type weld pad design Sight Glasses.
Quick Opening Sight Glasses: 2 models up
Quick Opening HLH
Quick opening type Sight Glasses with or without lighting unit.
High Pressure HLH-HP
High pressure type quick opening Sight Glasses with or without lighting unit.
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