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Model: AKG-T
  Equipped at both ends with stainless steel fittings swaged according to the NRS ® Concept (Non Retention System), VIEWLINE® is ideal for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical applications.

Made from Fluoro thermoplastic, the most translucent non-glass sight gauge on the market, VIEWLINE® is capable of handling temperatures from -50°C to 180°C.

VIEWLINE® is stress, crack and shatter resistant, unlike glass or borosilicate that can contaminate the product in the event of breakage or shattering.

VIEWLINE® will withstand steam sterilization and is CIP cleanable· VIEWLINE® does not
discolor and offers excellent service life while maintaining its translucent properties.

The VIEWLINE® material is chemically inert and cannot contaminate the product conveyed.

It is also tasteless.
  VIEWLINE® can be externally reinforced with a 316L stainless steel safety guard for higher pressure and temperature (+40°C) applications. This perforated safety guard reduces the visibility by 50%.

The VIEWLINE® tube FDA (Food Drugs Administration) 21 CFR Ch. 1 section 175.300
and 177.1550 and European 82/711/EEC, 85/572/EEC, 90/128/EEC, 92/39/EEC, 93/9/EC and 96/11/EC. The VIEWLINE® tube material is nonhemolytic and non- cytotoxic. It also meets the requirement of USP 23, NF18, 1995, CLASS VI (Test results on request).

The 316L stainless steel swaged fittings are individually identified with the raw material batch number.

VIEWLINE® non-glass gauges are traceable.
End connections are available in numerous configurations and lengths up to 3 meters are available.

The VIEWLINE® gauge can be lined thereby avoiding any product contact with the stainless steel.



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