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Model: KL
  These series of robust, yet innovative light fittings for use in safe areas cover nearly every requirement for high intensity vessel lighting. The units may therefore be considered as universally suitable for even difficult applications.

On sightglasses and sightflow indicators from DN 25 upwards, on sight-tubes and rectangular or D-ended sightglasses.

Three mounting systems for use with sightglasses to DIN 28120 / 28121 or similar to DIN 11851. For "light and sight through one sightglass" or for traditional two port situations.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum high integrity casting for housings and fixation pieces
  • Built-in reflectors of highly polished aluminum alloy
Electrical Data:
  • Wattage from 5 W to 100 W
  • Voltages from 12 V and 24 V without, and from 36 V up to 240 V with internal transformer

All above indications depending on series and type

Enclosure Protection Degree:
Dust and spray water tight, IP 65
  • Housing painted with Acrylic based color
  • With junction box (series KEL / PEL) and without (series FKEL)
  • Transport handle
  • Opal glass screen to prevent blinding effects
  • Anti dazzle shield for 1 port mounting
  • Internal timer for action on the light or for remote action
  • External timer
  • Device for momentary illumination (series PEL)
  • Supply cable



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