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Binge Apparatus

Total length 360 mm
For tracing of carbon acid
Form storage tank to fi lling station
by brewer Rischbieter, graduate engineer


1. For your orientation and monitoring of CO2 content during the whole storage period and checking of remaining CO2 content at all stations of fi lling line.

2. At the same time, the device can be used also for sampling, analysing and CO2 content tracing. Exact results are delivered within several minutes.

3. The device can be operated by any person.

4. Equipped with high-quality tools. All tools are not sensitive against humidity.

5. Through functional and stable design, the device completely fits for requirements of daily use.

6. Please observe that carbon acid considerably contributes to tart savoriness, acts as refresher, stimulates digestion and increases beer shelf-life.

For CO2 contents higher than 0.500 wt. %, a slide rule No. 126 shall
be additionally used.

No. 4040 Carbon acid fast-defi nition device
No. 302 Spare pressure gauge, 0 – 1.6 bar, 0 – 2.5 bar, 0 - 4 bar
No. 4042 Spare diagram
No. 4043 Spare scale for CO2-value 0.340 – 0.520 %
No. 4044 Spare thermometer
No. 4045 Spare glass cylinder
No. 126 Slide rule for CO2 in beer with temperature scale -2 +30°C, pressure scale 0.2 – 4,5 bar CO2 scale 0.2–1.2 wt. %
No. 127 Slide rule for CO2 in water with temperature scale -1 +60°C pressure scale 0.4 – 8 bar CO2 scale 2 – 20 g/l
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