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Binge Apparatus
Refined-steel bunging pressure regulator for single and column bunging
Model No. 1030 KOMET

Bunging pressure up to 0.8 bar or 1.6 bar for additional charge - 3 bar

When ordering please specify bunging pressure side and connection type.
Connection types, for all bunging pressure regulator:
  1. Hose connection with key nut, G 5/8
  2. Direct connection with key nut, Cromer thread
  3. Direct connection with key nut, thread G 5/8
  4. Direct connection with key nut, thread G½
  5. Direct connection with key nut, thread, optional
  6. Direct connection with Cromer male thread
  7. Direct connection with cone muff and key nut, conform to
    DIN 11851 for additional charge
Pressure gauge, Ø 63 mm, 0-1.6 bar 301
Pressure gauge, waterproof 302
Pressure gauge, glycerine fi lling 304
Diaphragm rest 1012
Adjustment screw 1013
Water cup, old (female thread) -
Water cup, new (male thread) 1034
Pressure spring 1035
Diaphragm 1036
Regulating scale with sleeve 1037
Sealing for direct connection 1018
Sealing for pressure gauge 1019
Tefl on sealing for gas pipe 1040
Sealing for cup 1020 -
Lip valve for gas pipe -
Tefl on sealing for seat -
Compression ring -
Bunging fi ttings grease -
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